This year walkers have three options. 

One Mile: This is an out and back flat route. If you shop at a mall, you have already done a mile of flat walking. Gone to the County Fair? You walked farther than a mile at that event. You can do it.  View the one mile route HERE.

​2.5 Miles: This route is similar to the full 5K (3.1 mile) course, but is a bit easier and shorter on the return leg. You can do it. View the route HERE.

​3.1 Miles: The full 5K route. Several hundred people did this last year and you can accomplish this feat. Walk it. It's not a race, it's about challenging yourself, about feeling good about setting and achieving a goal. You can do it. View this routeHERE.

These events all start and end at Hudson High School at 11:30AM sharp.

You  CAN do it 

                                      Kids CAN do it.

                                 Seniors CAN do it.

​                 The whole family CAN do it.